Up to 1000 camera in our webcam database and it is growing!
Want to know the factory supported resolutions of a webcam?
Does it come with a built-in microphone?
Does it support HD resolutions?
Camidentifier’s webcam database needs only an OS detected webcamera name to tells you the following information:
- Simplification for HD supported camera. (HD yes/no)
- Is it a camera software? (splitter, etc.)
- Is it an integrated webcam?
- Has it built-in microphone?
- Factory support native 4:3 resolutions.
- Factory support native 16:9 resolutions.
- Factory support native 16:10 resolutions.
- Factory support other known resolutions.
- Highest factory supported resolution.
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To whom it is strongly recommended?
- Web or desktop applications using client's webcam.
- Websites using Adobe Flash Player to capture user's camera stream. (Video chat etc.)
- Anyone who wants to know the factory native resolutions of any kind of webcam.